Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why Xian NM and not open source to monitor your network's health and performance?

We all like open source solutions! Sure we do! However, before adopting a company wide strategy with an open source software make sure to run an in depth cost and benefit analysis. Is the time and resources investment worth it? Is the solution scalable? Easy to manage?  Often times you'll find that it's better to purchase, just as Gartner's VP of the IT Operations Research Group suggests.

When it comes to network health and performance monitoring, we feel that we have something to say. Xian NM 2012 is a robust solution that's been around for a while, complementing and powering up Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.

So what to look for in a network monitoring tool (not just in ours)?

  • Ease of installation and deployment: Install Xian NM on any OpsMgr server without the need of installing additional and complex requirements or steps.
  • Simple network discovery: Discovering a device simply consists of running an 'Add device' wizard within the Xian NM console where you provide the IP address and community string of the network device you want to monitor. No complex scripts nor additional steps to make sure your device appears later on in the OpsMgr console.
  • Many out-of-the-box rules: Monitoring is also wizard driven where many rules are already available out of the box and you simply define the alert thresholds and schedule of the rules, without having to know OIDs or scripts that provide the data you need. Since there are tons of rules available, it is up to you to decide how deep the network devices monitoring can go.
  • Custom rules: In case there is need of additional or more in depth monitoring, Xian NM lets you create as many custom rules as desired. The combination of these rules and the default ones offer an advanced monitoring alternative.
  • Scalability and performance: Xian NM lets you monitor up to 2,000 devices and since the Xian engine works outside the OpsMgr infrastructure, no performance issues or problems are inflicted on it.  OpsMgr only needs to receive data from Xian NM.
  • Support of many device models: Xian NM supports several device models with out-of-the-box rules. For example, we support most Cisco devices families. Besides this, adding support for new models is quick and simple.
  • Easy to fine tune: Editing the parameters of any monitoring rule is simple and consists of a couple of clicks that immediately propagate to OpsMgr without deep knowledge of scripting or SNMP.

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