Tuesday, December 9, 2014

End of the Year Promotion- our special thanks to you!

Today begins our special End of the Year Promotion! You can purchase any of our solutions throughout the month of December with a 40% OFF discount. Our End of the Year Promotion includes the following solutions:

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Let the Xian Suite help you make the most of your holiday time off!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Seasons Greetings

Another year is almost behind us again and here at Jalasoft we always deem it necessary to look back on the events and happenings that unfolded throughout the year.  This helps us to have a better picture of the goals that we achieved, problems that we faced and a better understanding of which road to follow in the future.

We reached many milestones this year. First, we finally developed a full version of our popular SNMP Simulator which included an array of new features that make simulating network devices a painless and even fun task. Later on in the year we had some major releases; Xian Wings support for Android Tablets, which made a lot of our potential and existing customers very happy, since there’s been such a big proliferation of Android based tablets in the market today. We also released our Service Pack 3 for Xian NM 2012, which included amazing optimizations on the side of performance and even better,  the addition of support for Sflow. Service Pack 3 also addressed the need for new Environmental Sensor rules for Cisco Switches and Routers, and new VCenter rules to make our VMWare VCenter MP even more powerful and robust.

All in all it was an amazing year for us and we look forward to another year of new challenges and landmarks to reach. We urge customers to keep a close eye on our releases and future projects for next year. 

To all the members of our Xian family and the new members to come, we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyful new year!

The Xian Suite team

How Xian Wings Saved Christmas

You know that saying “when something can go wrong, it will”. Last year around Christmas I experienced it in flesh and blood.  I was having a nice quiet dinner with the family and a few of my relatives who had flown in from Denver, Colorado. We were just about to start our meal when I got a call on my cell phone from one of the network guys from the company I work for. When I picked up the phone I could tell that this guy was distraught, to say the least. In a trembling voice he told me that one of the windows services had gone down and that he was new and didn’t know what to do. I tried explaining the procedure to restart the service through the phone to no avail, since he later realized that he didn’t even have the necessary credentials to perform any actions on the server. It was clear that I was going to have to leave my family and friends and get in my car to start a two hour drive to my office. Of course, you can imagine my wife’s reaction when I broke the news to her. She was furious; she even threatened me with divorce claiming that I was too focused on my job. I was about to retaliate with some harmful words but then I started thinking that she was right, there should be no reason at all that could justify me leaving my family in the middle of our Christmas dinner. So with a heavy heart I left the house and stormed back to the office where it took me just a few minutes to solve the issue, but it was too late to make it up to my family. 
Well, believe it or not, when Thanksgiving rolled around this year I got the same call. This time, an alert had been triggered in SCOM and nobody from the network team was in the office. As soon I got the call my wife started pacing back and forth with a look in her face that could turn the toughest man into stone. So as soon as I got off the phone I turned to her and before she could start spewing fire out of her nostrils, I told her that this time I had Xian Wings to back me up. If you’re not familiar with Xian Wings, let me give you a small introduction. Wings is a mobile solution developed by Jalasoft that allows you to have your Operations Manager Console directly on your mobile device or tablet. You can perform various actions and tasks directly from your device, like: 
  • Close, assign or modify any OpsMgr alert remotely.
  • Use PowerShell directly from your iPad or Android Tablet to immediately run any commands or scripts against your OpsMgr server or any computer.
  • Restart any windows service directly from your mobile device, iPad or Android tablet.
  • Be immediately notified about any new OpsMgr alerts on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Generate and share through email any OpsMgr performance graph or alert on iPad or Android tablet.
  • Easily create a monitoring dashboard in iPad and Android Tablet.
So to make a long story short, I had no need to go back to the office, I simply closed the open alert from my Android Tablet after verifying that it wasn’t anything critical. Then I restarted a few of the windows services and sent a performance graph to my colleagues email to see how this event had affected our network.  Just in case, I restarted the device causing all the problems by simply using the Powershell feature in Wings. All this took me just a few minutes, no need to make a long drive or a bunch of phone calls and emails and no need to get into it with the wife again. My better half was so happy thinking that work had finally taken a backseat to family, that I even got a personal gift from her later on that night. 
It’s incredible how a simple application which you can get at a very low price can have such a huge effect on your life and can help make things much easier for everyone. 

Forget Santa Claus, this year, Xian Wings might save your Christmas!!  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Flow feature, accurate traffic analysis, and more in Xian NM SP3!


Why try or upgrade to Xian NM SP3?

Flow feature

SFlow support has been added so Xian NM SP3 can now properly receive and filter SFlow packets along with Netflow V5 and V9, so three of the most important and used flow technologies are supported and can be processed at the same time to generate alerts, performance graphs, and reports on OpsMgr related to the content of the network traffic.

New VMware Virtualcenter rules

New VMware Virtualcenter rules allow you to monitor data storages associated to ESX hosts and virtual machines.

Environmental sensor rules for Cisco routers and ASA devices

In Xian NM SP3, new environmental sensor rules for Cisco routers & ASA devices allow you to monitor the voltage, temperature, battery status, and more.

IP addresses resolving for Flow

The engine can now properly resolve any public IP address into its domain name and improve the performance to make sure no delays are happening while translating these IP addresses into something users can understand when seeing the corresponding alerts or performance counters in the OpsMgr console.

Flow monitor service

A new service has been included in Xian NM SP3 to explicitly monitor Flow data. This improves performance and functionality since it is now possible to have multiple Flow services installed and each of them can independently monitor Flow traffic from various sources and with independent databases, queues, and performance parameters.

SDK Loader

A new connector module and improved OpsMgr SDK communication has been implemented exclusively for OpsMgr 2012 so performance and reliability when talking to OpsMgr has been greatly improved. For backward compatibility, if you install NM on OpsMgr 2007, the previous SDK communication is loaded but if it detects OpsMgr 2012, the new one is used, therefore the name. 

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