Thursday, December 19, 2013

Seasons Greetings and sneak peek into 2014

Dear Customers, Partners and Gatekeepers,

We wanted to wish you a beautiful holiday season in the company of family and friends!

This year has gone by quickly as we strived to provide you with a better customer experience and state of the art solutions to power up Microsoft System Center Operations Manager!

Among our milestones reached this year for better network monitoring, were the releases of Xian NM SP2 and Xian Wings 2.0.  

In both releases, we’ve made it our business to add a variety of new features and to enhance most of our already existing ones.

To review what is new in Xian NM SP2, please visit our video, and check our post for a quick wings 2.0 update.

Next year promises a busy agenda too! Keep an eye for new features along the lines of Wings HD support for Android, Xian NM support for Sflow & Jflow, and last but not least a better and more robust SNMP Device Simulator.  We’ll let slip more information soon! 

Best wishes,

The Jalasoft Sales Team

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Have you seen a smiling nutcracker soldier?

Smiling Nutcracker

It’s seldom, but the Xian nutcracker soldier smiles. He can’t hold back his smile because he knows all about our End of the Year Promotion. A 40% discount on both Xian NM and Xian Wings for System Center Operations Manager (OpsMgr) surely will bring a smile to any system administrator too!

Xian NM SP2 extends OpsMgr’s monitoring capabilities to network devices (any SNMP device) and helps you analyze all your network traffic through its latest NetFlow monitoring feature.  Get a clear picture of what traffic is passing through, where it comes from, and where it goes to.  Xian NM SP2 is fully compatible with OpsMgr 2007 and 2012.

To learn about our latest features in SP2, view our video.   

You can also try Xian NM for 15 days.

Xian Wings 2.0, our mobile solution for OpsMgr, grants users the ability to receive real time alerts, graph performance data, manage state changes and execute system tasks against managed servers directly from your Smartphone or tablet.  Xian Wings 2.0 supports most platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 8 & 7, and Android.

To learn about our latest release (2.0), review our blog post.

You can also try Xian Wings for 15 days.

With our solutions, you’ll always be a step ahead! We've got your back! 

Don’t miss out on this amazing holiday deal, you’ll thank us later!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Demo CliffsNotes: Xian NM SP2 for OpsMgr

You've probably read it several times, but in this video we go straight to what's new in Xian NM SP2 for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (OpsMgr). 

Let Roberto Alcocer, our Tech support Manager, walk you through our new features. Learn how our solution integrates with OpsMgr, helps monitor your network environment, and provides you with a thorough network traffic analysis.

Length: 15 min. 

Note: Xian NM SP2 is fully compatible with OpsMgr 2007 and 2012.

Try Xian NM
Try Xian Wings

Contact us with any questions!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Get the Xian NM SP2 Hotfix!

What are they saying? Probably that you need to get the Xian NM SP2 Hotfix...

If you are having performance issues in your Xian Network Manager 2012 SP2 environment, just download our new hot-fix.

If you have any question contact us at sales or open a tech support ticket here

Monday, December 9, 2013

How Xian Wings Saved Christmas

Eva Luna Rosado

A real Network Admin Christmas tale...

You know that saying “when something can go wrong, it will”. A few years ago around Christmas I experienced it in flesh and blood.  I was having a nice quiet dinner with the family and a few of my relatives who had flown in from Denver, Colorado. We were just about to start our meal when I got a call on my cell phone from one of the network guys from the company I work for. When I picked up the phone I could tell that this guy was distraught, to say the least. In a trembling voice he told me that one of the windows services had gone down and that he was new and didn’t know what to do. I tried explaining the procedure to restart the service through the phone to no avail, since he later realized that he didn’t even have the necessary credentials to perform any actions on the server. It was clear that I was going to have to leave my family and friends and get in my car to start a two hour drive to my office. Of course, you can imagine my wife’s reaction when I broke the news to her. She was furious; she even threatened me with divorce claiming that I was too focused on my job. I was about to retaliate with some harmful words but then I started thinking that she was right, there should be no reason at all that could justify me leaving my family in the middle of our Christmas dinner. But as we all know, when you’re just an employee you do what needs to be done or your job is in jeopardy. So with a heavy heart I left the house and stormed back to the office where it took me just a few minutes to solve the issue, but it was too late to make it up to my family.

Well, believe it or not, when next Christmas rolled around I got the same call. This time, an alert had been triggered in SCOM and nobody from the network team was in the office. As soon I got the call my wife started pacing back and forth with a look in her face that could turn the toughest man into stone. So as soon as I got off the phone I turned to her and before she could start spewing fire out of her nostrils, I told her that this time I had Xian Wings to back me up. If you’re not familiar with Xian Wings, let me give you a small introduction. Wings is an application developed by Jalasoft that allows you to have your Operations Manager Console directly on your mobile device or tablet. You can perform various actions and tasks directly from your device, like:
  • Close, assign or modify any OpsMgr alert remotely
  • Use Powershell directly from your iPad to immediately run any commands or scripts against your OpsMgr server or  any computer
  • Restart any windows service directly from your mobile device or iPad
  • Be immediately notified about any new OpsMgr alerts on your smartphone or tablet
  • Generate and share through email any OpsMgr performance graph or alert on iPad
  • Easily create a monitoring dashboard in iPad
So to make a long story short, I had no need to go back to the office, I simply closed the open alert from my tablet after verifying that it wasn’t anything critical. Then I restarted a few of the windows services and sent a performance graph to my colleagues email to see how this event had affected our network.  All this took me just a few minutes, no need to make a long drive or a bunch of phone calls and emails and no need to get into it with the wife again. My better half was so happy thinking that work had finally taken a backseat to family, that I even got a personal gift from her later on that night.

It’s incredible how a simple application which you can get at a very low price can have such a huge effect on your life and can help make things much easier for everyone.

Forget Santa Claus, this year, Xian Wings might save your Christmas!

Xian Wings Free Trial

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

End of the year promotion 40% OFF

We're nearing another holiday season and here at Jalasoft we're really feeling the holiday spirit!

Since we’re feeling generous, we’d like to announce our “End of the Year Promotion” which accounts for a 40% discount on both of our products, Xian NM 2012 and Xian Wings! Do the right thing for your company, purchase our solution and lay back and relax. 

Xian NM 2012 will do all the work for you, leaving you with enough time to spend on other endeavors; and with Xian Wings, you’ll never have to rush back to the office again in the middle of the night, you’ll be able to do whatever you need directly from your smartphone in a few minutes and then go back to sleep knowing that your network is once again stable. 

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal, you’ll thank us later!

Xian Network Manager Free Trial

Xian Wings Free Trial

Monday, November 25, 2013

Jalasoft joins Cyber Monday on December 2nd!

For one day only!! The “black Friday” of software is coming to you. This upcoming Monday, Jalasoft will hold an incredible sale of 50% off on both of our products, Xian NM 2012 and Xian Wings!! 

If you’re looking for the top network monitoring tool out there, to save you time and effort  and provide you with a solution that allows you to monitor even the smallest details of your network, look no further! For one day only, you can get your hands on our acclaimed software, Xian NM 2012, for half of its original price.

Don’t think any longer, jump on board the Xian NM train today!!  If it feels right, it probably is!! And there’s no way you can feel bad about this deal.

Offer valid only on Monday, December 2nd!

Monday, November 18, 2013

WEBINAR: Xian NM SP2 for OpsMgr

Join Jalasoft this Friday November 22nd at 9 am EST for an online demonstration of Xian NM SP2 for OpsMgr. This webinar will provide you with an overview of Xian NM SP2 capabilities, and give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like! 

As a plus all participants are eligible to enter our draw and win a FREE Xian Network Manager Bundle that includes 5 standard Network Device licenses plus 100 NetFlow IP address licenses! 

We will see the following topics:

  • Architecture
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Discovering a device
  • Applying rules and policy templates
  • Netflow monitoring
  • Adding a source
  • Creating a filter
  • Creating a rule
  • OpsMgr
  • Events
  • Alerts
  • Performance graphs
  • Reports
  • UI integration 
Do not wait any longer!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Xian NM and Live Maps got your back!

 System Center Operations Manager 2012 offers some kind of topology, but let’s be fair, you want more! Xian Network Manager 2012 and Live Maps for OpsMgr 2012 join forces and complement each other perfectly. With Xian NM 2012 discover all relations between network devices and Windows servers and with Live Maps  automatically draw those relations in any topology diagram that you create for a quick overview of your network’s health.

A topology diagram helps you visualize how your network devices are connected and the communication problems triggered when one of them has an issue.  For example, when monitoring Cisco switches you’d probably like to know not only the health status and performance of each individual device but also how a specific problem in a particular component of a switch such as an interface is affecting the rest of the network.

So why wait? Instead take full advantage of both solutions to manage your network thoroughly and prevent unnecessary business downtime. For more information on how to create a topology diagram with Xian NM and Live Maps, click here.

About Jalasoft

Jalasoft Corporation develops systems management software with a focus on your organization’s networks and applications. Our products, such as Xian Network Manager 2012 and Xian Wings, both for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012, help prevent any possible problems, improve the performance and availability of critical business applications and systems. In this way we contribute to increasing the ROI that you realize from your infrastructure investments. Jalasoft is a Gold Certified Partner based in Houston, Texas. We work with Savision Live Maps since 2008!

About Savision
Savision specializes in products and services that complement Microsoft System Center and maximize its ROI.  Our solutions accelerate resolution time of IT problems, provide improved organizational efficiency and reduce business down time, allowing our customers to realize over 20% cost reduction.
Founded in 2006, Savision is headquartered in the Netherlands and is privately held. Savision’s founders and executives bring years of enterprise systems and application management experience from large IT service companies. Savision’s software is currently used by over 600 enterprises worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies. Key in their choice were Savision’s experience with passion for, and knowledge about, Microsoft System Center.