Friday, April 25, 2014

What to expect from us at the TechEd North America?

Omar Abud, Sales Representative, working our"small" TechEd To-do List
It's TechEd preparation time! Our team is putting together a range of reveals that will surely catch your eye in Houston! Below a small hint of what has us so excited:

Expect a new and improved version of our SNMP device simulator.
  • Ability to simulate any network device.
  • Scalability to simulate as many network devices as you'd like.
  • Dynamic simulation.
  • Historical simulation.
  • IP address manager.
  • Command prompt.
Expect HD support for Android, for Xian Wings.

Stay tuned for more news and happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Xian NM Online Demo- This Friday!

Have you heard yet what our solution can do for you?

Join this Friday, April 25th for our Quick- Xian NM demo at 9:00 AM EST/3:00 PM CET.

A sample of topics to be covered:

  • SNMP monitoring
  • Discovering a device
  • Applying rules and policy templates
  • Netflow monitoring
  • Adding a source
  • Creating a filter
  • Creating a rule
  • Events
  • Alerts
  • Performance graphs
  • Reports
  • UI integration 

For a one-on-one demo contact us at sales(at)jalasoft(dot)com.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meet the Jalasoft team joining the TechEd North America this year in Houston!

The Jalasoft team is excited to join the TechEd North America in Houston this may! Find out who you'll run into at our booth #1440. For appointments with one of our TechEd representatives just email us!

Jeff Pollard

Senior Business Strategist

A lifelong fan of sports car racing, Jeff brings a similar drive to every endeavor.

That drive is more than apparent in Jeff’s career at Jalasoft, where he effortlessly juggles more than 35 projects each year. All while ensuring our clients, customers, and partners always receive the first-class service they deserve.

Jeff has
more than two decades of commercial software development and testing experience, proven people management skills, and a long history of working with development teams. Since 2006, Jeff helps develop our innovative Xian line of network management solutions.

When time allows, Jeff and his wife are at the racetrack working on or racing one of their sports cars.

Jeffs joins
the TechEd looking forward most to catch up with lots of old friends in the IT and Software Development business.

Davor Pavisic

Chief Technology Officer

Always active and on the move, Davor left Bolivia for the U.S. and Belgium to earn his Ph.D. in Computer Science. And after a long history of working in artificial intelligence, neural networks, and microprocessor design, he returned to South America.  He has been part of the Jalasoft family since 2002.

Davor has

been instrumental in making the Xian suite of software solutions something that every company can count on to better manage and monitor their critical networks. His vast understanding of the engineering needs and environments of software development companies worldwide also helps ensure Jalasoft developers stay in sync with our valued clients.
Outside of Jalasoft, Davor is most likely rock climbing, mountaineering, or organizing drum circle events with family and friends.

Davor joins
the TechEd looking forward to learn about the latest developments and catch up with industry folks.

Roberto Alcocer

Tech Support and Product Manager for the Xian Suite

Ever encountered a tech support issue with our products or needed in depth information of our solutions? You’ve probably address our tech support team, run by Roberto, our Xian Suite guru.

Roberto has
over 8 years of experience with our solutions from both the tech support and product development sides. Besides assisting customers and colleagues with their questions, Roberto contributes to the development of Xian NM, Wings, and the SNMP device simulator by suggesting improvements and new features.

Outside of Jalasoft, Roberto is either playing the bass or practicing aikido.

Roberto joins
the TechEd hoping to meet in person our partners, customers and industry influencers. He also expects to gather tons of feedback and feature requests for the Xian Suite.

Omar Abud

Sales Representative

You’ve probably already met Omar when you first enquire about the Xian Suite, since Omar is the first line of contact for the Jalasoft products. Omar is sure to address any customer request, concern or questions in a heartbeat.

Omar has
an extensive background in communications, product marketing and the IT & software industry.  Omar has been part of the Jalasoft team for over four years with valuable input in the side of marketing and customer support.

Outside of Jalasoft, Omar is probably at the gym working out or riding his motorcycle cross-country out in the open.

Omar joins
the TechEd looking forward to see new products and services in network monitoring as well as getting to meet new people, and potential customers.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Network monitoring: Xian NM Vs. OpsMgr

Customers often ask us what is the plus of integrating Xian NM to their OpsMgr platform, and why OpsMgr's native network monitoring does not suffice? Watch our video which answers precisely this question and highlights the main differences between Xian NM and Opsmgr!