Monday, November 25, 2013

Jalasoft joins Cyber Monday on December 2nd!

For one day only!! The “black Friday” of software is coming to you. This upcoming Monday, Jalasoft will hold an incredible sale of 50% off on both of our products, Xian NM 2012 and Xian Wings!! 

If you’re looking for the top network monitoring tool out there, to save you time and effort  and provide you with a solution that allows you to monitor even the smallest details of your network, look no further! For one day only, you can get your hands on our acclaimed software, Xian NM 2012, for half of its original price.

Don’t think any longer, jump on board the Xian NM train today!!  If it feels right, it probably is!! And there’s no way you can feel bad about this deal.

Offer valid only on Monday, December 2nd!

Monday, November 18, 2013

WEBINAR: Xian NM SP2 for OpsMgr

Join Jalasoft this Friday November 22nd at 9 am EST for an online demonstration of Xian NM SP2 for OpsMgr. This webinar will provide you with an overview of Xian NM SP2 capabilities, and give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like! 

As a plus all participants are eligible to enter our draw and win a FREE Xian Network Manager Bundle that includes 5 standard Network Device licenses plus 100 NetFlow IP address licenses! 

We will see the following topics:

  • Architecture
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Discovering a device
  • Applying rules and policy templates
  • Netflow monitoring
  • Adding a source
  • Creating a filter
  • Creating a rule
  • OpsMgr
  • Events
  • Alerts
  • Performance graphs
  • Reports
  • UI integration 
Do not wait any longer!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Xian NM and Live Maps got your back!

 System Center Operations Manager 2012 offers some kind of topology, but let’s be fair, you want more! Xian Network Manager 2012 and Live Maps for OpsMgr 2012 join forces and complement each other perfectly. With Xian NM 2012 discover all relations between network devices and Windows servers and with Live Maps  automatically draw those relations in any topology diagram that you create for a quick overview of your network’s health.

A topology diagram helps you visualize how your network devices are connected and the communication problems triggered when one of them has an issue.  For example, when monitoring Cisco switches you’d probably like to know not only the health status and performance of each individual device but also how a specific problem in a particular component of a switch such as an interface is affecting the rest of the network.

So why wait? Instead take full advantage of both solutions to manage your network thoroughly and prevent unnecessary business downtime. For more information on how to create a topology diagram with Xian NM and Live Maps, click here.

About Jalasoft

Jalasoft Corporation develops systems management software with a focus on your organization’s networks and applications. Our products, such as Xian Network Manager 2012 and Xian Wings, both for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012, help prevent any possible problems, improve the performance and availability of critical business applications and systems. In this way we contribute to increasing the ROI that you realize from your infrastructure investments. Jalasoft is a Gold Certified Partner based in Houston, Texas. We work with Savision Live Maps since 2008!

About Savision
Savision specializes in products and services that complement Microsoft System Center and maximize its ROI.  Our solutions accelerate resolution time of IT problems, provide improved organizational efficiency and reduce business down time, allowing our customers to realize over 20% cost reduction.
Founded in 2006, Savision is headquartered in the Netherlands and is privately held. Savision’s founders and executives bring years of enterprise systems and application management experience from large IT service companies. Savision’s software is currently used by over 600 enterprises worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies. Key in their choice were Savision’s experience with passion for, and knowledge about, Microsoft System Center.