Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Straight from the lips of our CTO, Xian Wings HD for Android tablets is sure to rock your world!

Davor Pavisic, Jalasoft's CTO.

We sat down with our Chief Technology Officer, Davor Pavisic, during the weekend to have a chat about the upcoming release of Xian Wings HD for Android tablets and get a sneak peek on the new UI. We wanted to give our customers a heads up on what they should expect from Wings during the next few weeks and to show our new or potential customers all the benefits that our mobile solution offers, which can be defined in a few words,  “peace of mind”.  

Davor, what has Jalasoft been working on for the last few months in regards to Xian Wings?

[Davor] We’ve been working very hard on our new release of Xian Wings for Android tablets.   This may not sound that difficult to do; however, given that Android is used in a wide array of devices, it took us some time and hard work to adjust Xian Wings to work properly in this OS. Our Engineers have worked very hard on this version. It will be available very soon.

What do you think about the new UI?

[Davor] I love the new UI! It looks classy and professional but also fresh and contemporary; at the same time, it incorporates the intuitive and easy to understand approach that Xian Wings uses.

 Will this version be available for most brands of Android tablets?

[Davor]  Yes, Xian Wings for Android will be available for almost all brands of Android tablets.

Could you describe one of the features that you like the most in Wings for Android?

[Davor] The feature that I like the most, and the one that’s making the most noise among our customers, is our Remote Shell feature. It is now possible to run PowerShell commands directly from your iPad against the OpsMgr server or any another computer. This means that additional tasks or actions can be directly taken as a response to alerts received in OpsMgr and without the need to connect remotely to the computer that is experiencing the problem.

Well, there you have it, straight from the lips of our CTO. All Xian Wings enthusiast should be on the lookout for what’s coming in the following weeks. If you value your network, you don’t want to miss out on our new version of Xian Wings HD for Android tablets.

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