Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Flow feature, accurate traffic analysis, and more in Xian NM SP3!

Why try or upgrade to Xian NM SP3?

Flow feature

SFlow support has been added so Xian NM SP3 can now properly receive and filter SFlow packets along with Netflow V5 and V9, so three of the most important and used flow technologies are supported and can be processed at the same time to generate alerts, performance graphs, and reports on OpsMgr related to the content of the network traffic.

New VMware Virtualcenter rules

New VMware Virtualcenter rules allow you to monitor data storages associated to ESX hosts and virtual machines.

Environmental sensor rules for Cisco routers and ASA devices

In Xian NM SP3, new environmental sensor rules for Cisco routers & ASA devices allow you to monitor the voltage, temperature, battery status, and more.

IP addresses resolving for Flow

The engine can now properly resolve any public IP address into its domain name and improve the performance to make sure no delays are happening while translating these IP addresses into something users can understand when seeing the corresponding alerts or performance counters in the OpsMgr console.

Flow monitor service

A new service has been included in Xian NM SP3 to explicitly monitor Flow data. This improves performance and functionality since it is now possible to have multiple Flow services installed and each of them can independently monitor Flow traffic from various sources and with independent databases, queues, and performance parameters.

SDK Loader

A new connector module and improved OpsMgr SDK communication has been implemented exclusively for OpsMgr 2012 so performance and reliability when talking to OpsMgr has been greatly improved. For backward compatibility, if you install NM on OpsMgr 2007, the previous SDK communication is loaded but if it detects OpsMgr 2012, the new one is used, therefore the name. 

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