Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Unsupported SNMP device model

Xian supports most network devices, in case it does not review the following post on unsupported SNMP device models. 

This situation arouses when you run the “add device” rule or the “network scan task” and the device that you’re trying to discover cannot be discovered by Xian NM 2012. The notifications tab view on the Xian NM 2012 console contains a description of the errors that appear. Double click on the error to bring up a detailed description. “Plug-in unsupported device on (IP address)” means that the device is not supported by the current Xian NM 2012 management packs. 

Figure 1: Device not supported by Xian Management Packs.

In order to fix this issue you have to retrieve the SNMP dumps from the device in question using our Jalasoft tech support tool and send the dumps to Jalasoft tech support by opening a ticket here. Tech support will generate a patch for the device and send it to you, along with the steps to apply it.

1. In the installation bundle you will find the folder ‘TechSupportTool
2. Execute the file: ‘XianNetworkManagerIoTechSupportTool.exe’
3. Unselect all the checkboxes in the “Data Requester” tab and click “Next”
4. Provide the IP Address, community string, Timeout and Retries of the device(s) you are requesting a dump from.

Figure 2 Retrieving an SNMP dump using the tech support tool.

5. Once you have added all desired devices, click “Next”.
6. In the “Output Folder” choose a path where you want the dump to be created and click “Next”.
7. After the Tech Support Tool is done creating the folder with the device dump(s) zip the folder and send it to tech support by opening a ticket. Tech Support will then generate a patch for your device model and send it to you within 2-3 working days.

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