Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What lies ahead for the Xian Suite in 2014?

Credits: Tracey Capone
This year is an exciting year for us! Among the new features and improvements in our road map for the Xian Suite, we can highlight the following:

Xian Network Manager
  • Support for Sflow & Jflow

The current version of Xian NM 2012 already supports Netflow versions 5 and 9, an important flow protocol, but there are other flow technologies that provide traffic analysis data as well. Among the key ones are Sflow & Jflow and the Xian NM team is already working on adding support for Sflow towards the end of the second quarter of 2014.  Next on the list is Jflow so that Xian NM can support the main flow technologies!

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 Xian Wings
  •  HD support for Android
Xian Wings HD will support any tablet running the Android OS and all of the Wings features, such as dashboards, remote power shell, and notifications will be available in this platform too. Estimated delivery date is end of Q2.

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Xian SNMP Device Simulator

The Xian SNMP device simulator is been revamped with a range of new cool features:
  • SNMP Dump recorder
The simulator will be able to record the behavior of a real device during a certain amount of time to mimic it later on.
  • Direct IP address creation
It'll be possible to add or remove IP addresses for simulation directly from the application.
  • Static and dynamic values
The simulator will generate static or dynamic values for the values returned to any system interacting with the simulator, so that different behaviors are simulated.
  • Quick and unrestricted SNMP dump loading
The internal structure is been modified to improve the performance of the Xian SNMP Device Simulator. This means that it'll be able to load SNMP dumps much more quickly and allow several simulated devices to run simultaneously. 

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