Thursday, December 20, 2012

Service Pack 1 for Xian Network Manager 2012 is now available!

So we just managed to have Service Pack 1 ready before the holidays! SP1 is a not just a service pack. Of course we fixed some issues but we also added some new features that we are sure you will like. Below an overview of the most interesting things that we have added.

Name resolution of ports and IP Addresses
If you use Xian NM 2012 for Netflow monitoring you will be happy to know that now the alerts and counters in Operations Manager will show you names of your public IP addresses and application names of the ports. Like that you can have a better control on who is using the network.

Configuration Monitoring
A typical problem. Users suddenly start complaining about network problems, but nobody knows about any configuration changes. Xian NM 2012 now monitors the configurations changes on Cisco Switches and will alert you in OpsMgr when something changed.

Noise Monitoring
Within Netflow monitoring we have added the option to be alerted when a new port/application becomes active. It might be something you don't want on your network. You have time to take action and stop the application or approve it to not be further alerted. A great way keep an eye on applications running on your network and to have some extra security.

Full Dashboard support
Operations Manager 2012 has a great dashboard tool and now you have the option to build great Xian NM dashboards. A great way to keep an eye on your critical network connections, applications running on the network, visited websites, top downloads etc!

You can now download it from our website and see it for yourself on your own environment. Also you can request access to our handsonlab and play with the new features.

click here to see the official Press Release

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