Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What to do when you get Non processed counters/events alerts in OpsMgr

The data collected by Xian NM Io or 2012 from the monitored devices such as events and counters are sent to OpsMgr through the Xian NM connector module. If the Connector Module Server doesn't receive any events or counters per 20 consecutive intervals of 3 minutes (one hour), it will generate an error alert in OpsMgr in order to notify that no data was received within this interval of time.

Causes and solutions:

  • No relevant data has been collected from the devices within this interval so the alert can be ignored.
  • A Xian NM Management Pack is missing in Operations Manager so no data can be inserted into OpsMgr until the missing MP is imported.
  • You discovered devices within the Xian NM environment but didn’t apply any monitoring rules so no monitoring data is been actually retrieved from the devices themselves.
  • The Xian NM connector module was not properly initialized. Restart the System center management server.
  • The Xian NM or OpsMgr services are not properly running or not running at all. You can restart the 4 Jalasoft Xian NM services along with the OpsMgr services in order to re-establish a communication.
  • Wrong configuration or no communication between the Connector and Connector Module: it could be possible that the Xian environment is pointing to a wrong IP address or that the account used by the Xian NM services doesn't have administrator privileges so no data can be properly sent or inserted. You can reinstall Xian NM in order to properly make it point to OpsMgr and then provide an account that is an OpsMgr administrator.
  • The Xian NM or OpsMgr services accounts don’t have full permissions against the MS message queuing service. Open the server manager console then review the properties of the queues listed under the following node ‘features >message queuing>private queues ’ in order to make sure that the Xian NM and OpsMgr accounts have full permissions.
  • The defined threshold for Non Processed counters is too low for the environment: just override the threshold value of the "Non Processed Counter Monitor" to a proper value
  • This alert is auto-resolved if any new counters or events are later on received.

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