Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some questions we received about Wings HD

We got some questions about Wings HD. Let us try to answer them here:

How does it work?
Well, Xian Wings HD has two components. First is the Wings HD client that you install on your iPad through the App Store. This is free and easy. Next you download the Xian Wings Server from our website and install it in your SCOM environment, making sure it can connect to the SCOM SDK (2012 or 2007). Also make sure there is an open external port that the Wings HD client can use to communicate with the Wings Server. You don't need much memory for the server. Max 400 MB of free memory is sufficient.

How much does it cost?
At this moment each device that you connect to the Wings Server costs 300 USD and it does not matter if it is a Wings HD (iPad) client or regular Wings (iPhone, WP or Android). For a quote contact our sales team.

Is it secure?
Yes, communication goes over HTTPS, although if you feel comfortable and it is for internal use you also use HTTP. Beside that, the server acts as a proxy between Internet and your SCOM SDK, so no body will ever be able to connect from outside to your SDK.

Can I test it without installing the server?
Yes you can. The easiest is to request the credentials of our Wings Server on our website. Next you install Wings HD on your iPad and use the credentials that were sent to you.

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