Monday, December 10, 2012

Xian Wings HD is now Available!

Many of you probable know already Xian Wings. It is that simple and easy to use tool for your smart phone, to control System Center Operations Manager from any place, any time. See states, alerts, graphs etc.

Well, now we have something new! Xian Wings HD! A Wings version specially made for iPad. It takes advantage of the hardware features of the iPad like the screen size, the memory and the speed to give you the best and I must say the coolest mobile Operations Manager Dashboard you can imagine. Wings HD is so intuitive and fast that you will quickly forget the classic Operations Manager Console or even the webconsole, if you ever dared to use that one anyway.

Some of the features of Wings HD:
  • Create your won dashboards in a few seconds
  • Add alert, status, performance graphs
  • Quickly jump from a widget to a full screen view
  • Sent quickly an email when look at an alert or a graph
  • Look at the actual performance data with just a click on the graph
  • a special context sensitive object screen that adjusts to object you clicked on
  • Execute tasks
  • Put objects in maintenance mode
So how does it work?
  1. Well it is easy. Just install the Xian Server in your Operations Manager Environment and make sure it has an open port to a publicly available IP address. Make sure you enable the Operations Manager users you want to give access through Wings HD.
  2. Next you go to the Apple App Store and download and install Xian Wings HD.
  3. Now you log in with the operations manager credentials and you are ready to go!
If you got curious check out the video below.....

For more information check
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  1. Nice, can I try agains a demo machine?

  2. Sure just download the app from the App Store and use the connection details you can get by registering on