Monday, October 20, 2014

Wings HD for Android tablets is here!

The Xian Wings team has been working hard to bring support for Wing HD to Android tablets! Here is what you can expect in our new Wings version, we are sure you'll love it!

  • Android tablets support

Wings HD supports all tablets starting from 7” in size and loaded with any Android OS version. It offers the chance to create dashboards containing any state, alerts, notifications and performance graphs widgets from any objects monitored in OpsMgr. It also lets you run PowerShell commands, send mails containing alerts or performance graphs, close or assign alerts directly from the tablet, put the objects in maintenance mode, run tasks, and more.

  • Compatible with Wings HD for iPad

If you are already using Wings HD on your iPad and have already created your dashboards in this environment, you can login with the same OpsMgr account on the Android tablet and see the same dashboards and widgets and vice versa. Hence, your Wings HD working space will be the same regardless of the tablet platform.

  • Improved performance

Several performance improvements have been implemented on the Wings server and on the devices clients to make the product robust and fast, especially at the moment of creating performance graphs and receiving notifications on new alerts.

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