Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Xian Wings and the SNMP Device Simulator: Before and Now

"New Dance Group Celebration",

Our 10th anniversary in the systems management arena is here! And we’d like to provide you with our timeline a glimpse of how are solutions Xian Wings and the SNMP Device Simulator became robust, flexible, and intuitive applications that make the job of an Operations Manager/IT Administrator almost a breeze!

Xian Wings allows OpsMgr Administrators to see a reduced version of their desktop console in the mobile device of their choice. Among its key features Wings offers the ability to receive real time alerts, graphs, and performance data. Wings also manages state changes and executes system tasks against managed servers. These features make Wings ideal to attend any critical situation in your OpsMgr environment from anywhere!

The Xian SNMP Device Simulator emerged from the need of simulating several kinds of SNMP based network devices in our own engineering labs. The SNMP Device Simulator simulates most network devices that use the SNMP protocol.

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