Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cool new features coming up: Dashboard improvements in Wings 2.3

As you know, we are working hard on our upcoming Xian Wings 2.3 release.  For this release, several performance and usability improvements have been made on Xian Wings. This post provides a sneak peek of the ones made exclusively for the Wings client for iOS and Android tablets (emphasis on Dashboard improvements).

      New Templates: You can now create dashboards that will include up to 6 widgets each so you have more options on how much data can be seen at once and how that data will be arranged.  Click image to view full size.

      Import from Ops Mgr: You can now import any dashboard that contains state, alert, diagram or performance widgets into Xian Wings.  So you’ll be able to see your OpsMgr dashboards directly on your tablet!  Click image to view full size.

     Edit current template: You can now edit any Xian Wings dashboard to change the amount of widgets included or the widgets content.
Stay tuned to learn about our widget improvements! For additional information on Xian Wings please visit our website or contact us at 1-888-402-6717.

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