Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What can you do with our SNMP Device Simulator?

The scope of the Jalasoft's SNMP Device Simulator 

The Jalasoft's SNMP Device Simulator V5 is an application that gives you the power to dynamically simulate any SNMP based network device. In a nutshell, this tool simulates responses from a device to snmp requests made by a network manager application. The simulation values are based on the information contained within the snmp dump file corresponding to the device used for the simulation. Through the Device Simulator, users will be able to obtain a reply with the OID value that you require as if you would be connecting with a real network device.

Things that you can do with the simulator

  • You can simulate any network device that is based on SNMP protocol.
  • Set the type of simulation that best fits your requirements: 
Normal Simulation: Allows the user to perform a representation of an SNMP network device with information that follows a static behavior throughout the entire simulation period. This information is based upon specific values related to the OIDs stored in a dump file which correspond to a specific network device.
Dynamic Simulation: Works in a very similar way to Normal Simulation but it provides more realistic data. The SNMP Device simulator will perform simulations through a set of formulas and statistical operations to generate dynamic values over a period of time for the desired virtual devices.
Historical Simulation: Executes simulations from previously recorded dynamic simulation files. The Device Simulator will use a File Manager to load and handle historical records which will serve to simulate a device.
  • Record the behavior of a network device:
When you carry out SNMP walks with the SNMP Simulator, you will be able to gather real data collected from your device, this information is later stored into a file that is readily available for a new simulation. The recording module records the data queried to the device and stores it into an xml file that will be added into the list of available devices to simulate. You can set the number of executions (snmp walks) that you want to collect within intervals of specific time, once the recording is completed, an XML file is created containing all data retrieved from the device. This file is placed into the folder “Recorded_Devices”, located in the installation path. In order to make use of this feature, it is imperative that there is direct connectivity between the simulator and the device to be recorded.
  • IP Manager  
IP manager handles the computer’s network card IP addresses, which the simulator will assign to the devices that it will run. This module allows the user to insert one IP or a range of IP addresses to the computer where the simulation service is located.


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