Friday, February 20, 2015

What to do when you cannot find a management pack for your new network device?

By Chris Price
Try our SMP for Generic Network Devices!  Our SMP for Generic Network Devices allows you to monitor any network device that supports SNMP. If you are looking for broad monitoring and don't need a specialized management pack, then our SMP for Generic Network Devices is the solution.

Our Smart Management Pack for Generic Network Devices extends Microsoft System Center Operations Manager capabilities to your network devices. 
This management pack contains 24 predefined rules applicable to:
  • General
  • Interface
Network Devices performance and status rules include:

  • Attempt failed TCP connections
  • Device availability
  • Established TCP connections
  • Open active TCP connections
  • Open TCP connections
  • System uptime
  • UDP open ports
  • Failed reassembly requests
  • Fragmentation failed
  • Fragments created
  • Incoming discarded packets
  • Incoming error packets
  • Incoming segments
  • Incoming traffic
  • Interface operational status
  • Outgoing discarded packets
  • Outgoing error packets
  • Outgoing segments
  • Outgoing traffic
  • Reassembly requests
  • Total discarded packets
  • Total error packets
  • Total segments
  • Total traffic
For more information, see About Our Smart Management Packs- Generic Devices.

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