Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Working hard today as 10 years ago!

Detaching oneself from the Xian 10th year anniversary is really difficult, since the story of Xian is really the story about us. Several of the team members have started their professional careers and grown into different responsibility roles along the years, some have already switched teams or parted to different endeavors; however, our love for the solution that complements a Microsoft giant remains intact!

Xian NM for Microsoft Operations Manager is 10 years old this month and we are celebrating in a big way! Throughout this month you'll hear stories from the team that started it all, plus some customer testimonials, you'll see how Xian NM evolved later on to be the Xian Suite which encompasses our mobile solution Xian Wings and our SNMP Device Simulator

To top it of we are offering two very special promotions:
  • 30% off on all our solutions until the end of September.
  • a FREE full version of the SNMP Device Simulator valid for up to 10 devices ONLY on October 15th. On this date, you need to make sure to download our trial from our website so that we can send you a permanent license. 
Looking forward to continuing the hard work!

The Xian/Jalasoft Team

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