Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Still Got the TechEd NA Blues? Here is how beat it!

Omar (Sales) and Davor (CTO) displaying Xian Wings
Just like finishing that one marathon you’ve been training for months, you can also get a TechEd NA blues. That’s right, after all the preparations (product prep. and marketing), not to mention the week running the booth and meeting new friends in Houston, some of you might still feel just a tad blue being back in the office. So we came up with our own strategy to beat the TechEd NA Blues:

  1. Write down at least two reasons you are most thankful for attending the TechEd NA.  Here is our own list: 
  • Tons of feedback from smarties. On average we estimate that 714 guests visited our booth and we received valuable feedback in areas like: Product development, even sales and marketing! Rest assured that we are now discussing new ideas for our solutions: the SNMP Device Simulator, Xian Network Manager and Xian Wings.
    Omar and Davor (CTO), talking to our visitors
  • Great sessions! Which ones did you attend?
  • ·        This one is really special for us and made our stay. In the House of Blues we were happily surprised when one visitor mentioned the name of our solution Xian Wings during his improv. Below a picture of the author/singer. Sadly we did not catch his name, so if anyone has a clue please let us know here

    Jamming at the House of Blues

    2.     Think of all the great giveaways and prizes that made you look good, especially in front of your loved one “Yes honey, I thought of you during the TechEd”. Our prize, a Nokia Lumia 820, surely brought a smile to Shane Schlosser. Thanks for stopping by our booth Shane!
    Happy Nokia winner with our team

    3.     Demonstrate the value of joining TechEd NA to upper management, implement quickly all the new insight gained. Make sure you can do TechEd NA all over again in 2015!

    The truth is the more we look back, the luckier we feel to have joined the TechEd in Houston. 

    Fun times: Omar (Sales), Roberto (Tech Support) and Leo (CIO)

    If our list does not help to beat your blues, then just think of the nearest holiday. 
    For folks in the States that is just a few days away. Happy Memorial Day weekend festivities!

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