Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why is the Network Monitoring provided by System Center Operations Manager 2012 not enough?

A much too common scenario; you acquire Operations Manager 2012 so naturally you feel very happy that you’ll finally have a way to monitor your network and regain control over it again. Well, sorry to bust your bubble but you are wrong, you have technology that works great, but is actually obsolete.

I can practically hear you guys thinking, you’re probably saying “Of course you say that, you work for Jalasoft and you want to sell your product Xian Network Manager 2012 which you say provides better network monitoring than what System Center Operations Manager 2012 offers.” Well in a way that is true, but I’d like to give you guys some information and leave it up to you to decide. My point here goes a bit further than this.

We at Jalasoft, have had extensive experience with network monitoring since 2003 and in all of our years in the business one of the questions that often arrives to our support people is: “ ok, now I now there is too much traffic  going over interface 18 on this switch, what do I do now?” yeah, what do you answer? So we worked on a way to solve this dilemma for over two years and came up with our Xian Network Manager 2012 Netflow traffic analyzer, which certainly helps in answering the question above. With Xian NM it’s become a piece of cake to know who and what is responsible for this high amount of traffic, without any huge investments or hardware intervention. And the best part is, you just get this information in Operations Manager 24/7, alerts and performance data are available just as you are used to.

For those of you who know Operations Manager 2012, you have to admit that they are actually at a state where we were 8 years ago, and it definitely cannot analyze any traffic, something that is absolutely necessary in the era of public and private clouds and a 100% dependency on a stable and efficient network.

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